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Just a li’l feel-good something for all the ill-begotten hopefully temporarily desensitized souls… including my own.

If you live in the city / And you want it to burn / Because you think nobody could learn / The delicate demons and / Loneliest ways of a heart / Thats been broken

Say what you will / Love finds you even when / You’ve given it up

One after another / You’ve seen love affairs turn / From the glorious start / To the crash and burn / But Now that you’ve promised never again / It’s exactly when you’ll fall in

You’ve sworn off clubs and bars / Fridays with the girls / You say homes where you’ll be / But soon your own sweet love / Who needs you’ll be lying in your arms

Say what you will / Love finds you even when / You’ve given it up

Everybody deserves to be adored / Why would you settle for less / When the world gives you more?

The Hurt has you now / But soon it’ll make you strong / And your loveliness goes on and on

Say what you will / Love a heart thats been broken / Love finds you even when / You’ve given up

Say what you will / Say it again and again / Until the whole world knows about it

Love finds you even when / You’ve given up.