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Things would be so much easier if I were a robot…

But, I’m not.


I have all this undirected anger in me. Bouncing off all the corners of my psyche. I don’t know why I’m angry or at whom or what. Still too bruised to direct some of it to myself when I know I should. I don’t have a reason to be this furious at him. Sure, my pride was wounded, my ego busted big time BUT it’s not like we made promises. It’s not like he made promises. Truth of the matter is, I already knew the outcome before it actualized. Still, I let it go on as if the inevitable won’t come. Taking it moment by moment. Of course, my inability to shut up did not help soften the blow. I had it coming. Still… He could’ve been less brutal.


He said, I’d only get hurt in the end. Well, guess what? Too late for that. Cause unlike him, I’m no robot. I thought I was. And in a way I’m grateful knowing that I’m not. Tis a shame though. We really could’ve been the best thing…


I am not built for casual. I know that now. Besides, he’s not the only fish. And it sure ain’t my last bait.


..Oh, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No-oh!

Don’t do love
Don’t do friends
I’m only after success
Don’t need a relationship
I’ll never soften my grip

Don’t want cash
Don’t want card
Want it fast
Want it hard
Don’t need money
Don’t need fame
I just want to make a change

I just wanna change.

I know exactly what I want
And who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk
And talk like a machine
Im now becoming my own self fulfilled prophecy
Oh, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No-oh!

One track mind
One track heart
If I fail I’ll fall apart
Maybe it is all a test
Cause I feel like I’m the worst
So I always act like I’m the best.

If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you

T.V. taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal

It has no appeal.

I’m gonna live
I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna fail
I’m gonna die
I’m gonna live
I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna fail
Gonna da da da die!