I dreamt my own wedding with a man I’m pretty sure I’ve never met. 

I feel the need to try and document this particular dream cause not only is it my first wedding dream in my entire almost 3 decades of existence but also because of the sheer untimeliness of it all, it’s almost cruel really. 

Untimely why? Well, first because I’m single AF. Newly single AF. The man I, up til like 3 weeks ago, was pretty sure I was going to end up marrying (primarily cause I always imagined him looking sublimely good in a suit – judge me fuckers) left me before we even had an inkling of an altar. But that’s another sob story for another glorious day. Second, I spent Friday night watching horror movies before bed time so it couldn’t have been a side effect of that… Then again, maybe it is ha! Which leads to my third and last point: it’s just improbable. At least at this point in my life. 

Not that it wasn’t a good happy wedding dream. On the contrary, it was perfect. It evoked feelings in me that I never thought I’d have. I was never one of those girls who fantasized about their dream weddings their whole lives. In fact, I actually dread weddings so much that I promised myself I’d rather elope and use the money to travel the world. 

And cause I’m not an “askhole”, I took my best friend’s advice and Googled away. 

Per dreamscloud.com

  • Getting married in a dream

    To dream you are getting married may represent your commitment to or partnership with someone or something.

  • May represent a union or merging of the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself.
  • May be wish fulfillment, if you desire to get married in waking life.
  • Your unconscious may be telling you that you have met the one you should marry.

I perused other sites but basically, they all say the same thing. Good stuff, all things considered, so I’m thankful more than anything. Hey it coulda been worse. I could’ve dreamt getting married to a vegan or something… Yikes. No offense to vegans, just not my shot of whiskey. Anyway.

I used to dream about my recent ex a lot. Not those kinda dreams, perverts. Just normal day to day stuff. I used to dream about him even when we’re sleeping next to each other. I think I even dreamt of him once or twice since the break up. Don’t laugh but I used to think it meant something. Like he really was my soul mate. Like even our souls can’t stay away from each other so we meet at some astral plane or some level of consciousness. I know I can be incredibly delusional especially when I’m in love. Then again, who’s to say I’m completely wrong/right? 

Reality. Reality does and reality bites. Good dream though. 


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