the point of being obnoxious

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

My brother posted a haterade status update on Facebook. Basically, he’s hating on people who post about how happy they are about something or someone to the point of being obnoxious. Typical. Of course, I replied in defiance like the tool that I am – nothing gives me the giggles like annoying people I love, something’s really right with me that way – not cause I just really wanna annoy him but because I really don’t find anything wrong with people being so deliriously happy they need to announce it in any means possible. I like seeing updates like that. Yes, even those cheesy eye-rolling engagement/wedding/baby shower/bachelorette party types. Because I know how it feels to be that kind of happy. Those moments are rare. Very rare and even more so, fleeting. I know how it is to be so overwhelmed with good emotion that it just spills over everything and there’s no way to contain it. You either let it flow or you burst. But you burst, nonetheless. In magical fruit flavors… Honestly, I’d rather my newsfeed be filled with updates like that as opposed to having more reason to throw a big “F YOU” to the Universe. I like how they manage to transport me back to when I was that happy. I like how it fills me with hope that one day, I’ll be that happy to the point of being so goddamn obnoxious again. That’s what living is all about, right? Those moments… That’s what we should live for. I know that’s what I would wanna keep living for (I’m a fuckin romantic and I love it).

If you don’t like it, you can always exercise the right to hide or unfollow or unfriend. I doubt they’d take it against you if you do. I highly doubt they’d even notice. They’re too busy being happy.


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