Eleanor & Park

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Not even halfway yet I know I’m enchanted. The way they talked about things that interest them, the way they argue, the way he saw her… It’s all so familiar. Change the names and it could easily be S & D. They raved about sci-fi, comics, music… Argued about everything else. It’s exactly how we were. Except we weren’t in high school when we first met. We were kids, yes. And I don’t know if I ever told him I always felt that I’ve known him that long. As if we literally grew up together. It’s as if I’ve been waiting my entire life to have these type of conversations with somebody other than my own imagination… It’s as if we were always meant to have these conversations but being born and raised on opposite sides of the planet made it impossible at that time and when we met, it’s like we have our entire lives to catch up. This is why I can never, hard as I try, completely burn this bridge. Unlike with any of the other guys that came and went, unlike those other two who I actually took seriously… They were never my imaginary childhood best friend come to life. And he is.

“They agreed about everything important and argued about everything else. And that was good, too, because whenever they argued, Eleanor could always crack Park up.”

But that’s over now. And I wish for his sake I’m wrong about all this. I wish there’s another version of me more suited for him. I wish I can wish the same for me but who am I kidding? Oh well. Better luck next life.


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