Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I kill these last few hours of 2012, I take it upon myself to finally let it go.

I’m letting go of everything I had hoped this year would’ve been.

…of all the things I wanted to accomplish but fell short of.

…of all the frustrations and doubts and insecurities that haunted me.

…of the first-times that made this year so hard to get over.

…of the soul-wrenching last times, the unbearable heaviness of goodbyes.

…of promises broken like my smoking habits – I was too weak and still am.

…of that once-in-a-lifetime love I’d always carry in my heart no matter how broken it gets me.

…of all the wretched lies just to get by; of all the truths I would hopelessly lie to conceal.

…of that constant battle between expectations and reality; of the hollowing pain of disappointment when reality proves to be the victor once again.

…of not rooting for reality when every muscle in me knows I should.

…of every half-assed effort.

…of those times when I gave my all.

…of all the things remembered and forgotten.

…of all the successes and all the failures and all the lessons learned.

…of all the bridges burned.

…of everyone, of everything, of everywhere.

…of myself.

I let go. Because I deserve the gift of a clean slate. I need to make room for more of what’s on this list and for everything that’s not. I have no time nor space to waste. Every little thing counts. Every. little. thing.


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