Before I turn “4”

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, what have I learned so far…

That no matter how you justify it, certain people you just can’t trust. Scratch that. MOST people you just can’t trust. That the ones hiding underneath the veil of “righteousness” are the ones you should be wary of the most. You can never know a person or even your own self in a limitless fashion because everyone changes. CHANGE is the only thing you can trust, and I learned that that’s as good as trusting no one and nothing (except for dogs). At least not for the long run. * That no matter how “clean” your record is, something or someone other than yourself will soon tarnish that. And when that something or someone comes around, be prepared. ALWAYS be prepared. * That hard work and dedication do not weigh anything if you’re trying to impress the wrong kinds of people. Hone and sharpen your radar for the wrong kinds early on, and you’ll never waste another minute of your precious time. * NEVER EVER confuse business matters with personal matters. To be more accurate, never take business matters as personal and vis-a-vis. Practice OBJECTIVITY. * RESPECT yourself above all, and demanding respect from everyone else will just come naturally. If they can’t treat you with respect, they don’t deserve any from you – whoever they may be. * That it’s okay to be romantic and to want some romance in your life. That a little cheeze once in a while is good for the soul. That cheeze is what separates us from robots and zombies. * BE YOURSELF. Always. Cliche but oh-so true however old you are or live to be. * That nothing is better than anything half-assed. Go all the way or don’t go at all. That the time to outgrow the in-between will come a knockin’ and that time is NOW. All or nothing. * That my best friends have always been my siblings, and if you have the same relationship with your brothers and sisters as I have with mine, you will NEVER be depressed a day in your life. Then again, guess I’m just lucky. * Always make your parents feel that they’re part of your life. That they’re just not watching by the sidelines. That’s what makes them the happiest, and in turn, will make you the happiest. TRUST THEM unconditionally. They’re the only ones who will always want what’s best for you, even if they can get intrusive and annoying. I love my parents with everything I’ve got, and I’m proud to be their immortality. * That I would cease to be a functional human being without music. Yes, even mainstream music. I’d take what I can get. * That no matter how many times you find yourself at the bottom of the bell jar, EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT. And that sometimes, all you really need is someone to put their arms around you, and tell you – without judgment or prejudice – that everything is gonna be alright. * That friendships are not forever, but for the time that you are friends, give it your absolute best. * Exhale, exhale, exhale. BREATHE. * Be patient but do not be a push-over. Some things you just can’t compromise, and should not be compromised – EVER. Always ALWAYS fight for what’s right for you. * That after giving it all you’ve got, it’s okay to give up. Until then, keep fighting. * NO REGRETS. Another cliche but escalates in importance with age. * Forgive. Always forgive others but mostly, forgive yourself. * Travel light. Don’t carry unnecessary baggage. Avoid hang-ups – they’re not worth the strain. * GIVE. Just because they’re bums do not give you the right to belittle them. Sure you work hard for your keep but fact is, you’re still in a much better place than they are. So, share. Without question, without judgment. Just give. It’s easy. * Unkindness is the biggest turn-off; kindness (and having the balls to karaoke), the biggest turn-on. * BE KINDEST TO YOURSELF. No one else will be.

Okay, I’ll stop. Til next year when hopefully I’d be as wise as a 5-yr old.


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