Of kissing and whining

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

My coworkers’ daughter, who is four, has been fixatedly curious about kissing lately. No longer is her curiosity within the bounds of the chaste peck on the cheek or the lips. Now she wants to know all about long kisses, the kinds that she sees on TV. She’s tried to long-kiss her mama several times, she leans in slowly with  her eyes slooowly closing.

The other day, I walked in on her at the business office playing alone with her dolls, and caught her making “Koala” and “Horsey” kissing a long kiss, complete with head tilting.

Oh my gosh, she’s almost at that age. I remember being that age. I remember the day me and my cousin found out how babies were made. From that day on, all our Barbies and Kens became sexually active. In the same year, we discovered that her neighbour had a pregnant Barbie whose stomach you could actually open up, with a separate plastic baby tucked inside. It completed our Barbie playtime perfectly! In the span of one afternoon play-session, Barbie and Ken would produce several babies.

As we grew older, we also learned that sex didn’t necessarily always produce babies, but by then we weren’t playing with Barbies anymore.


Something I can’t help but notice, why does pessimism, indifference, and cynicism seem to be the attitude of so many people my age? Or to be even more specific, so many “Americans” my age? The weird thing is that it almost seems like a default attitude, a sort of unspoken agreement between everyone that it is better to be caught dead than to be… I don’t know, happy? Content?

There seems to be certain common rules. 1) take every opportunity possible to whine, and find fault with your superiors/ the system/ everyone around you because, 2) everything and everyone is stupid and, 3) you just can’t be bothered with anything with or anyone because, 4) you don’t really care.

Not that this attitude is an exclusively Western thing, mind you. There are people who carry this attitude anywhere in the world. But I just can’t help but admit that I’ve never witnessed it in such a staggeringly large amount of people. I somehow get the vibe that to be happy, and to not have anything to whine about, is seen as being naive, gullible, and complacent. We must use cynicism to protect ourselves from the pervasive idiocy of mankind. Trust too much and you’ll be screwed over.

Like at work, for example. Am I really the only person who really, really loves what I’m doing and who feels thankful every single day that I am challenging myself by being in this profession? Why does everyone around me seem to be whining about how stupid, and crappy, and pointless everything is? Do they truly feel that way, or is it just not cool to be seen liking the workload?

I just don’t understand it.

People at home so easily take up an attitude of gratitude and joy, even if we are screwed over in so many ways every single day. We easily see the good in each other, and we partake in happiness every opportunity we get. It’s free after all.

Maybe I am naive, and overly-idealistic. But I just can’t help but easily feel grateful for things. I find it hard to see anything or anyone as entirely stupid or pointless, because I know there is a reason for everything even though I may not know what the reason is yet.

It’s really all very strange.



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