me no speak americano.


Hey Under 30s Crowd, Have You Overdosed On Narcissism? (Got this link from a friend’s blog but for some reason, it no longer redirects… Hiiiiyaaa!!)

“A new study points to disturbing data about Generation Y’s supposed lack of empathy, aggressive behavior and inability to form relationships.”

I think the inability to form relationships part holds true with alot of people from this generation. It’s just one of those basic, natural functions we’re slowly losing.

Isn’t it crazy how those influenced by Western culture are slowly losing their ability to perform the most basic, inborn, human functions?

People don’t know how to eat anymore and have to be told how to eat, and what to eat. (Strangely enough, in Eastern cultures, anorexia/ bulimia is an unheard of concept. Supposedly, when the Dalai Lama first heard of it, he started crying because he couldn’t understand how or why a person could hate himself so much… Just a story I heard.)

People don’t know how to exercise, when to move your body is one of those natural joys of being alive that is given to us for free.

Many people suddenly don’t know how to sleep, even though it’s a function that’s supposed to come naturally, and it’s something we had no problem with as kids.

People don’t know how to love anymore. All of a sudden it became this difficult, dangerous, complicated thing, or something that restricts your freedom, when human beings have been living, and loving, and starting families since the beginning of humanity.

People don’t know how to just be, in their own bodies. A body used to be just a body, but now there’s a “perfect body” we all strive for, and so long as we don’t look like Jessica Alba, we continue thinking that there’s something wrong with us. I’ve read so many studies that have shown that this obsession with body image is predominantly a Western thing. Yep.

So, what will we forget next? How to breathe?



When I was younger so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in anyway

Until yesterday.

Yesterday…. all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.


Lesson I relearned: it’s okay to need people. And when you do, you can’t be choosy and you run to the only person you have.


I just had a hell of a past two days.

It involved a major emotional breakdown (yesterday), then a more controlled emotional breakdown (today), but I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay!

(Though I did go slightly psycho and snapped on my best friend… Ugh. Bad timing, bad joke, bad day. So, dude. I know we said we’re “cool” and all, but I still kinda feel bad… I’m a sap, you know that. And if you’re reading this or not – preferably not – I’m sorry.)

It suddenly occurred to me while I was driving yesterday that it’s therapeutic to drive when you’re emotionally breaking down. Driving is different. You cover more ground, and you can adjust your speed according to the fluctuating intensity of your emotions. Make sure you don’t break the speed limit though, and make sure you sober up a bit during the decision turns, because those can be fatal.


There have been few times in my life wherein I’ve needed people in a desperate sort of way. As in a literal, physical, tangible shoulder to cry on. Sometimes a phone call won’t do. Sometimes, I need someone to physically collapse on, a prop.

I think this whole culture of independence we grow up in has done me more harm than good. I am absolutely ashamed of needing people. I find it very had to ask for help with the important things. It’s embarrassing to be a “burden” on other people. And I hate letting people see me cry. I feel like I lose my dignity when I do. But my tear ducts ALWAYS fail me, hence I always feel like scum after.

We’re all seemingly trained into thinking that neediness is a form of inadequacy but I’m starting to believe otherwise. I think that in allowing ourselves to need other people we affirm how much we value and trust them.

It’s not wrong to need people. They actually appreciate it when you invite them into your life; when you allow yourself to need them.

And that’s something I have to learn, I know.


So… yeah, I’m okay.

But I seriously do feel (and most prolly look) like death.

Gotta love winter.


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