Because the shoe always fits.


I stare at a blank blog page for hours. Thoughts run around in my mind, not wanting to get snatched by a few keyboard strokes and be immortalized. They run around and fast, so fast that my mind seemed empty if I stay still. For what feels like an eternity, I stare at the white of this page and lines seemed to appear and move on their own volition. They seem to form images of nothingness. So I look away and I write — NOTHING.


Such cruel world! How many times have I heard and read this line? It has passed the lips of great authors and artists. They who have had a taste of life’s harsh bites and yes, cruelties. I once heard that artists (good ones, that express both good ideas and emotions) communicate truth. And they who express life’s treacheries and celebrations are wont to communicate truths.. but isn’t truth relative? One’s truth may not be everybody else’s truth. What if life has been really good and that we, chosen stewards of the universe, are in reality the one that turn our backs to its goodness? What if we are really the cruel “taker” of life’s fruits and essence?

Yes, I’m guilty. For treating life like a pair of shoes. Stepping in and walking my days in total comfort then taking them off and not bothering to brush off the dirt or resorting to purchasing a new pair when their sole has worn off… Life is so much bigger than me. It has so much goodness that everyone can bask in it. Life can just turn bad if we make it so, if we treat it so.

Yes, life is good and this is such a beautiful world.


Finally. Snippets of thoughts in my head captured.


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