Hey, now you’re a rock star?

Posted: August 31, 2010 in MUSIKA, WHOZITS & WHATZITS

Shunning the Rock Star Complex

Icons are the Real Deal

Gone were the days when being a “rock star” was actually a respectable trade mark in the music industry. In the course of evolution, being a rock star is now equivalent to being a diva; a pop prima donna whose view of the world is limited to staying in the fame and fortune spotlight.

Over the years, the rock star’s shift in subjective definition has made it the butt of sarcasm and irony in the rock scene. Nowadays, being referred to as a rock star is not at all that flattering, and in fact, brutally diagnosed as a complex; an attitude problem; a personality disorder, and so the jeers go.

Accumulated random musings with deep-rooted rockers will drive you to the conclusion that there is a line between a rock star and a rock icon. It’s not a question of talent or skill. A rock star may possess phenomenal qualities to really strike it big in the music industry – he has it, no doubt. Then comes the overnight fame, the glitz and glamour, the works! The rock star killer life style can be too all-consuming that one can’t help but be sucked into it.

Promising rockers start to show some rock star attitude: arriving late (or sometimes not at all) on scheduled gigs or tapings, submitting next-to-impossible orders, BS causing havoc wherever he goes, resulting in an overall shameless image for himself. They revel in being gods onstage, and would be willing to do anything to keep that kind of “high” offstage.

For a rock star, the constant pressure of success rapidly kills his passion to the point where he no longer desires to use his creative faculties and just wills to shut it down. Like a shooting star, he blazes for a year or two, conquering charts and hearts all over the world before crashing straight into rock ‘n roll rehab, or even worse, into their deaths.

Your rock icon, instead of being enslaved by the star status, manages to go beyond the fame and fortune their talent can earn them. They refuse to sell-out, consistently creating and performing their creations with unrelenting passion regardless of money and popularity. Music keeps these rock icons alive, and in turn, they keep music pure and genuine. And that’s what makes them respected, a rather iconic feat even for ‘em rock stars.


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