hey dizzy girl dizzy


..you’re obvious.

Everytime I try to retrace the steps I took that led me here, now, in my present state of being,
my head violently spins.
Like the gush of drastic changes and dark-light memories
Manage to suck out all the oxygen from my brain
Resulting to another massive migraine. Oh, the torture.

I wanna believe I’m on the right track. Sometimes the thought of quitting all this and going back to lalaland is so viciously tempting, it’s frustrating to be certain that I no longer can. No going back, no looking back?

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind all i want for christmas.
some extra cash for presents won’t be bad, too.


I swear, you can never really live until you go beyond the obvious. Go beyond what’s given. Go beyond the limits and textbook definitions. Go beyond the elements and fuse them within and outside the confines of your mind. Let the spirit, forever free, take over.


You will DANCE you will SPIN you will LAUGH you will FEEL
your life.


Keep yourself open. Learn to trust. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Nothing can ever come between us. Forever has begun.


Half the time I’m flying free. With my favorite allies in the whole wide world. In those moments I am invincible. We all are. Everything’s just the way it should be. In dreams.
The other half of time crashes with me. And it takes so long. So damn long. To land.


The unforgettable pathos of my psyche. Hibernating. Slowly stirring.

I’ve been crazy, crazy, crazy. I’m your crazy with a capital C. Tried it all, been there done that. NO REGRETS.
Our young crazy ways make us immortal from time immemorial, our names forever glittering like fisheye strobes on top of the party list.
Whoopee. The invites will never run out. Double whoop.

The crazy has been ala shrew lately. Trying to prove something to bolted minds.
Pleasing them got my spirit cuffed, ball and chain, against blank colorless walls.
Used to be so much fun being me. Carefree and contagious.

Slowly stirring. The immortal sounds of youth are beckoning. I am what I am. Let the joy rise! (haha!)

Just about time to make the familiar be an experience of a life time. *woot woot*


Challenge brings out the best in me. Never backing out on dares even if I end up making a fool of myself. Doesn’t matter. That’s the spirit – to direct all your energy into accomplishing one thing. So what if you fall flat on your face or be the next day’s butt of jeers. So what? You dared me, I followed through. Simple as that. Conquering a challenge leaves no room for regrets or shame. What’s so shameful in discovering new grounds, going beyond your limits? That’s the beauty of a challenge. Harmonious synchronicity of the senses and the rationale – it’s probably chemical chaos, but it gives me peace.

And I’m longing for that peace now more than ever.


On a much brighter note… SKYDIVING this weekend!! AH-WHOO!! So, I’m really not complaining. Just damn these fuckin migraine attacks. Nothing drugs LOVE can’t cure. Ha!


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