Posted: August 24, 2010 in WHOZITS & WHATZITS

Serendipitous situations are happening all the time. Moments when you feel as if every force beyond your control is conspiring to make something happen. I’ve felt this once, not exactly like this but borderline. I don’t know if this time it’s different. Different person, different sitch? Maybe, maybe not.

Awareness has taught me not to be the same person. And I want to keep learning. Cause I can’t afford to be gray. No, not this time. Not when everything is making so much sense, even if I’m not. Even if it’d be a bloody pain come crunch time.

I want to be aware all the time. So I won’t have to trip on the same blatant cracks, and feel so stupid after. Or worse make a casualty out of someone so dear to me.

Awareness to a point of sacrifice and staying put in spite of me; in spite of wanderlust and the ever-fickle human condition.

Fate’s slowly dissolving the shutters in my eyes that’s long been keeping me from seeing. Reality’s cutting the puppet strings off my limbs so I can finally move.

Ah, gotta love this feeling.


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