After a hard week’s work

Posted: August 24, 2010 in PEACE.LOVE.UNITY.RESPECT. FREEDOM

..we all need this.

Intense sensations.
Everything’s heightened in its intensity.
Standing still, yet traveling a million miles per hour.
Just when you feel your mind can no longer withstand the excitement,
your thoughts become unclouded and
a swelling of the purest feeling begins in your chest
and slowly moves outward to your fingertips.
Tingly, light as a feather, and recklessly happy.
In love? No, but
the feeling’s practically identical.
Talk, get closer to the people around you.
Bond with them in a way you never have before.
Can’t stop smiling.
The music surrounds you, flows in you, lifts you, moves you.
You’re being freed of all negativity,
and what remains is a certain kind of high
transporting you back to childhood when happiness was at its purest.
Yeah, you’re being crystallized,
and it’s the best damn feeling in the world.

“We are so ROYALLY fucked!”

For a few blissful hours, at least. No crime in that. still..
i have to take a break. too much of a good thing is bad for the brain cells ;p


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