unexplainable (october 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Explain how YOU, the only one who can — ignite my rage to the extremes, make me insanely jealous (even if there’s no reason to be), make me cry for hours non-stop, bring out the most irrational side of me, unmask my neediness, embody my frustrations with amazing accuracy, is never afraid of me, break my heart into a zillion pieces, make me become impossible, leave me when I’m being impossible, shut me up even if I don’t want to, make me listen when I wanna talk, make me regret, make me feel like the biggest loser, make me believe that i’m nothing and no one without, make me feel when I wanna think, bring out the monster in me, indulge my craziness and in the process, be immersed in it; insult my passions, curse me to my face, fight me no-holds-barred, be such an asshole, make me afraid and insecure, make me be the “uptight” one, make me think thrice, make me beg, (AMONG PLENTY OTHERS!);

BE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN — give me the most gorgeous sleep, make me laugh like no one else can, make me finish every culinary experiment down to the last serving, eat with me in the most dingy of places and still feel like royalty; fart, burp, get drunk, throw up, get high, stay high with me; serenade me straight to the stars and back, make me feel safe, dance with me as if we’re the only people on the dance floor, be steady feeling irie with me, make me imagine a future with, capture the very best in me (i always look prettier in the photos you take), make me want to be “the one,” make me want to be the bestest, make me feel like the most beautiful girl ever, make me live without anyone else but, show me everything that’s infinitely interesting, show me the world in your eyes, be my world, be my life, my greatest win and my biggest loss, make me risk it all, make me eat my words, take every punch, take in every little thing if it means sparing me from more pain, give me everything you have to give and more, be with me at the beginning and the end of every finish line, amaze me with the simplest gestures, amaze me period, be my lifetime challenge, think the world of me and make me feel it for real, make me believe that nothing else matters but us, make the world revolve around us, and us around the world; be my ultimate comfort zone, satisfy me in all ways, love me in that once in a lifetime kind of way, really take care of me, be my only one and my one and only, never leave me, feel like home… is my one true home – without whom, I’d forever be a wanderer.

YOU are one and the same, all of the above, my yin and yang.

What I’d give for an explanation. What it’d take to have none.


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