trinity (january 2010)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

ON WORD PLAY. If some people are capable of enforcing silence between the laws of nature and the codes of culture, I am not. I learned to avoid conflict early in life. The best offense is a good defense. My defense was to be silent in the world and lead a noisy interior life. That’s where I break the laws of nature and transpose the codes of culture. So I started writing. I started writing to the fairies in the books I read, to the knights I fell in love with, to myself, to the world. I stared listening to the voices.

Writing is a safe way to give voice to my foolish body, especially if I don’t let anybody read what I write. But the latter is impossible. I have discipline issues. I have to tell somebody what’s spilling through my head, hence I write.

ON LAUGHTER. Laughter is an anti-gravity device. And so is crying. In spontaneous outbursts of either or a combo of both, we can feel the levitation of our spirits, the rejuvenation of our self-image, tangles of wavelengths turning to webs of meaning. Laughter induces an amorous blush of fate, a memory of the future. And amidst our tears, sparks a memory of the past.

ON Life-Love LESSONS. Memory is like glue, sticking things together so they always come around again. Life is a bowl of karma jambalaya. If I don’t learn something right the first time, it comes back at me some time later like a recurrent boomerang. Things like French, or learning to live and love. Like painting or any of the arts, love requires constant practice—and access to one’s own imagination. Just as I am a slut for books, I like to play with mind games. I like to experiment with love—or love likes to experiment with me. Until a breakthrough is discovered; masterpiece accomplished!


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