to all you ex-nice guys (october 2009)


Don’t deny it. You know you were once nice. So you’ve had your heart trampled on by girls and women who seem to be attracted to exactly the opposite, which is what you are now -a jackass. Dude, who hasn’t? IT’S NOT JUST YOU. Everyone goes through rejection regardless of gender. I, myself, can be the gosh darn poster child for rejects. But did that make me into a vile soul-less bitch? No. Because I know how much it sucks to be at the other end of the boat. I’m not saying I never rejected anyone. I have. And it’s not fun. Tough as it is, I’m upfront about it. Maybe some people would consider me a jackass for doing so but at least I don’t use that sliver of power to feed my ego. While YOU, you former nice guy you, you’re a dick with a vengeance. I’m sure your sob stories would be enough to make me cry. I’m sure it broke your spirit. But it does not give you the license to pawn on nice girls just so you can have your supposed “revenge.” These nice, sincere women never did anything to you. She has no fault in triggering the Hyde in you. She’s innocent. And she just happens to like YOU.
So please. Go be a jackass to other jackasses. You all deserve each other. Do not propagate your specie any further. The “nice” population is getting slimmer by the minute. Stop this vicious revenge cycle once and for all. It’s pathetic. And I know that you know I’m right. So, behave.


PS: If you know any ex-nice guys or girls or gays or you’re one yourself (sana tinamaan ka), feel free to pass on. Thanks! 🙂


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