this is where i belong (november 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

i was never a fan of politics. growing up in the philippines where the government is the last place that justice resides, i have been pretty much apathetic and hopeless in that department my whole life. i never liked politicians, and in so doing, do not put people who aspire for political power in high regard. i have lost my faith in the supposed leadership that a nation’s government should stand for, thanks to RP’s joke of a democracy. and with that, i shunned my right to vote since the day i turned legal.

consequently, i practiced the same air of nonchalance and disregard for the whole presidential campaign here in the united states. sure, i caught some of the debates between mccain and obama, but that’s not because i was genuinely interested on what they have to say. mainly, i watched it for comic relief. and of course, to have something in the bag for those small talks that people here can’t get enough of. i’ve been in total dischord with the historical value and the value per se of the whole thing. i’ve always believed that whoever gets into the white house would not affect me in any way. the level of detachment and alienation i’ve put upon myself with regards to this whole country is so far up, i can no longer see beyond the haze.

now i don’t know if it’s just my inherent love for eloquent speech and for people who are equally able to deliver such, but man… US President Barack Obama sure caught my attention. and the whole world’s attention at that. i haven’t been a fan. neither have i been a religious follower. as i’ve said, i was apathetic the whole time. but last night, watching him deliver his speech, had me thinking twice. he has the uncanny ability to empower each and every person from all corners of the world. i can only imagine what the people there at grant park were feeling at that moment. i was amazed, first and foremost, by the fact that he wasn’t reading his speech like the rest or more particularly, his opponent. goes to show how confident and prepared he was in addressing his nation. goes to show that he has the right mindset, the right heart, and the right spirit for the job. i was awed. i was moved. i am utterly impressed. (and i didn’t even vote. haha! oh well)

so i may not have the ample political know-how but one thing’s for sure: i am, and forever will be, a democrat – by birth and by choice; here, there, everywhere. i may not have exercised my duties and my rights as one to its full extent, but i do try to live it everyday in every single endeavor. President Obama’s historical victory and the powerful speech that went with it has awakened the hope, not only my own, not only the Americans, but of the millions of people out there who has grown weary and hopeless of waiting for that eternal promise of change – the kind that’s real and tangible, that can be felt and lived for. times like these, the spirit of hope is the sole thing that can keep us going; that can keep us believing that in spite of all the downfalls and the disillusionment, our present situations can change, and will change.

CHANGE IS GOOD. everything truly great – power, wealth, love – starts from it. no exceptions. all the wonderful possibilities that comes with it, i can feel here now more than ever.

DEMOCRACY. LIBERTY. OPPORTUNITY. UNYIELDING HOPE. yes, this is where i belong. for now.

i can only hope the same for my own home country.


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