sunday (march 2009)


waking to the scent of a new world waiting to emerge
evaporating from deep down, wafting thru the cracks in my soul
spring is here.
i can smell it.

take a deep breath, hold it in
make the magic linger long enough to rebuild what’s been undone
as the buds stretch out in greeting to new life, take it all in…
inhale, inhale, inhale to the limit
and at the point of bursting -let go. let it all out.

hibernation in bitter cold,
playing with fire to keep warm
gelid games of human bonfires
almost over now-
feel the sun shine in the finish line.

spring is here!

iridescent colors disrupting the solitude of shades,
the mystery of tears further concealed by the rain-
let it pour
let it go
let it be.

you’d feel better in the morning.


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