signs of times (february 2007)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

back in the day, the “in a relationship” status seemed to be the only viable option. the one step you can’t miss. the “normal” thing. unquestionable, inevitable, unavoidable. that something you have to experience to be experienced. fooling around outside the relationship zone has SLUT written all over the deed. or the doer of the deed, rather.

today, being in a relationship seems to be last on the list – if it gets there. casual has taken the place of exclusivity. love has taken the back burner, senses and urges taking the front. it doesn’t take dr. phil or oprah to figure out why. people are more practical now. they opt for the easier, more convenient way to fill their appetites. instant gratification sans the drama, the strings, and those post-sex obligatory rituals.

people don’t wanna get more tied up than they already are. what with all the commitments – job, family, society – there’s barely enough string to keep everything attached. sabay magdadagdag ka pa ng isa? wag na uy.

FEAR. that’s what’s up. self-preservation in all corners preventing anyone from getting thru. why? maybe they’ve tried the dance once or twice but have been stepped on too many to try again. or maybe they’ve seen too many people get killed on the dancefloor. or maybe dancing in pairs doesn’t entice them at all. whatever. it all boils down to fear.

fear of putting all your eggs in one basket. risking everything all at once. admit it or not, in love, you risk everything. these days, it’s just not worth it. what people tend to ignore is that once you hook up with someone as unstable as you are, you’re always bound for a major crash. in life, there’s no such thing as safe.

so does it bother me that most of my friends are single but still manage to get some? no. whatever makes them happy.

will i get on the FB, friends-with-benefits, no strings attached bandwagon if i were single? i highly doubt it. i’ve never been one to conform. and i have more than enough eggs to fit one basket. i’m confident like that. NO REGRETS.

the signs of times doesn’t bother me at all. it’s how people choose to deal (or not deal) with their fears that gets to me. because i’ve yet to deal with mine.

in spite of everything, i’m still really lucky.


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