reds and greens (february 2007)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

i keep myself hidden to avoid having to push myself right in the face of fear. i dont wanna have to deal with it, yet. still dont have the right ammo to strike ’em down once they start kicking me back to my place. i still love myself, you know. for all those years, for now, i’ve had more than enough to save me from drought. there’ll be none of that for a while. in the meantime, guess i’ll just have to take in the downpour. sooner or later. it’ll clear up. summer’s just a stone throw’s away. . .

our mutual hatred sprung from the time she decided to leave for greener pastures. while she went on and nurtured it with her paranoia, i just huffed and puffed it all away. it still eats her bit by bit til now. and im still covered in smoke.

my only ally left just the same. 6 hours, three hundred and something kilometers away. it’s killing something in me, i know. being left here in the city of red and all its dirt. everything’s green on the other side. i don’t blame him. i don’t hate him. i’m just loving him all the more. and that’s what kills.

people always leave. soon it’ll be my turn.


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