once upon reality (january 2010)


“Once upon a time” we had the power to bend reality. Do you remember your first bedtime story?

It all started with lullabies that eventually transformed into stories of heroism and tales of tragedy. Embedded within them were moral and ethical lessons with intent to teach us a little bit more about life and the paths we should choose.

Lying in bed, we connected with a character, a creature, a spirit, or deity and grew with him or her. The mystique was that we connected with something that may or may NOT have existed. We did not know. But THAT was intriguing. And THAT was empowering.

Because, in this very early stage, we chose to believe.

Ultimately, we carry the ability / To free ourselves and utilize the capacity / To carry ourselves / Out of this finite reality. / And with an audacity / That knows its own tenacity / I’ll continue to stop / Those who seek to silence me.

Readily and steadily the man approaches me. / Preaches to me, / With a note of such levity / To not rely heavily / On such fragments and statements he thinks a fallacy.

But if this magnificent creation / This OH-SO brilliant cosmic sensation / Arose from my mind and my own imagination?? / I proceed to follow this intuition / With romantic and mesmerizing devotion

For I know NO punctuation / That places a period on my sentence, / Forces me to stop, / And tests my patience.

I was at that age when stories were getting too old for me. The lessons, the characters, and serendipitous events reflected a world too.. naive. Simultaneously the real world, with its problems and questions and unsolved mysteries incessantly knocked on my door.

This door opened a lot of questions to which nobody had the answers. And the stories became false. Nothing applied. If I didn’t believe these stories, I simply didn’t believe.

I was a confused kid, / Sometimes I used to cower / Used to question God’s existence / And deny the universe’s power.

My grandmother told me / It was more than just persistence / Proclaimed to me / Survival and success are based on coexistence

With her palm on my heart, / She told me I’m limitless. / Looked into my eyes / Blessed my temple and said “Use This.”

Just then, I realized this story is not about God. It wasn’t about answers, either. I’d like to say it is, but it’s not the case. It’s a tale of the relationship between us and something more.

If since the beginning of time, / Our ancestors continually recited in rhyme, / I know there’s more to this world, / Than just nickels and dimes.

And that whatever God, and Me. / And You and We, / Know that these sequences of events / Tell us more than a story.

It defines infinity. / The power within the elements and Mother Nature / Is the power within me.

And so I succumb to this cosmic bind. Before we believe in a higher power, we have to believe in ourselves first. And rely on each other. Then, maybe we’ll be ready for something bigger, and with more potential.

‘Cause I believe that earth does not only exist on Earth. Human intelligence surely isn’t the only intelligence. Perhaps we ourselves should start realizing that there’s a fine line between the worlds we create and the world in which we live.

And with that bit of relic knowledge / Unattainable in college / I learned there’s more than skin and bones / Between you, a stranger, and me / And what this world can actually be.

“Once upon a time” magic did exist in this world. The fact is that it still does, whether or not we choose to believe it.


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