my “perfect” guy (november 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

..would have the intense singing voice of Kelly Jones or Karl Roy.

..would jam like there’s no tomorrow like Bob Marley or Bradley Nowell.

..would listen to me like God -in silence but you know He’s always there.

..would have the humor of Adam Sandler or Jack Black.

..would have the steadyness of Jack Johnson and the mystery of Daniel Johns.

..would be a one-man show like Dave Chapelle or Mike Myers or Michael V.

..would have the loyalty of my beloved dogs.

..would be truthful and candid as a child.

..would fight for me like a saint -til death.

..would be as crazy as my siblings.

..would trust me with his life and let me drive as fast and as far as I want without being a passenger driver.

..would have no fear of change, of tomorrow, of death, and of me.

..would have me as his muse and his favorite subject.

..would have the inner beauty of Shrek and the culinary skills of Ratatouille.

..would have the resilience of a Spartan.

..would have the balls and the word of honor of Tony Montana.

..would be as dedicated as Gil Grissom and still be as carefree as a hippie.

..would be as caring as my Dade and as headstrong as my Mame.

..would be my partner as Clyde Barrow is to Bonnie Parker or Cheech is to Chong.

..would be my own Troy Dyer.

..would be someone I’d win “The Amazing Race Asia” with.

..would get lost and find the way with me.

..would love music with a passion.

..would equally love the ocean’s tranquility and the city noise.

..would love the rain as well as the sunshine.

..would love the uncertainties and everything in-between.

..would choose to love and never hate.

..would love himself.

..would love me for me.

I know there’s no such thing. And I’m not looking to find. Neither do I want to be found. Wala lang. Thoughts like these happen to be nice distractions even for a while. Hahaay… If only I were God for a day.

I only make jokes to distract myself from the truth. -Zero 7


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