karma and the suspension of conscience (december 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

sometimes i wish my conscience ain’t as loud as it is.
then i might actually have the guts to be evil to evil people.
the world would probably be more chaotic but would undeniably be so much better that way.

still, i’m more wary of karma above everything else. bad karma has always struck me down like lightning, immediately after even the slightest inclination to shut-off my conscience. yes, i believe in karma. i am compelled to choose the good by it.

there are times though that even if i am conscious of the fact that i’m doing harm against someone, bad karma evades me. as i’ve said, in my case, karma is instantaneous. when this happens -my supposed exclusion from karma’s wrath, i know i did the right thing. good karma is on my side it seems. fighting fire with fire is the best way to go, sometimes.

if only i could stop feeling guilty after (a lot of guys would’ve been castrated by now haha). but seriously, i am no crusader. at least not in the epic sense. i just want to weed out the evil ones from my and my loved ones’ lives. life is hard as it is. it’s high time we all give ourselves a break from all the unnecessary anxieties. fight when you need to fight. even if it hurts. even if it’s against our individual natures (i, for one, am peaceful unless otherwise provoked). fight boldly. fighting in silence just won’t do it anymore. karma requires choice. it involves movement. KARMA = ACTION.

people are inherently good. i still believe so. some people, however, become so good in ignoring their conscience (for whatever reason) that they unconsciously lose it completely. habitual suspension of conscience leads to suspension of guilt leads to evil. better cut off those horns before it’s too late.

horns, fangs, tails -i’ll cut ’em all off for those who can’t. always with pleasure and a smile on my face 🙂


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