in the midnight train (december 2009)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

always loved the rush. the fast-paced hustle and bustle of city life. the daily races with time, the adrenaline, the blur of suits and wheels and highways and amber lights. the unending juggling while clearing the rings of fire in the circus that is the city. and that’s barely half of your day. come evening, it’s a whole different playing field until the midnight zoo. going on and on not stopping for anything or anyone at anytime. life is set on full blast in full color. never toning down, never fading.

months fly by so fast, it’s an ordeal to feel. sentimentality becomes a task for how can you be sentimental about something you can hardly recall? it’s heaven for those who want to forget and hell for anyone who longs to remember.

as much as i love the fast life, i hate how people deal with it. rather, avoid dealing with it. they’re so fuckin weak it’s disgusting. they make stress appear out of thin air and cast a stress spell on the entire city as they bicker on day in and day out affecting everyone around them until i’m surrounded by these bozos who think that more stress, more power. the raw truth: most americans can not deal with the kind of life they supposedly initiated. they breakdown, lose their minds, jump off the brooklyn bridge. just a bunch of brats who got so used to being spoiled and pampered by their first-world government and their first-world policies. so your benefits got cut down by a minute percentile. boofuckinhoo. third world countries don’t even have potable drinking water. suck it up, get over yourselves. as far as the rest of teh world is concerned, you’re living like kings while the rest bathe in mud. same shit, different day.

i need a change of pace.

eastside love is living on the WEST END.


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