i saw the sign (march 2010)


And the stars say…

Your Juno is in Sagittarius

It is vital that your partner can keep up with you. Juno-Sagittarius is so dynamic, so filled with energy, enthusiasm and drive that she can intimidate those who can’t match her strength and courage. You crave variety so you’re likely to be slow to settle down but once you decide on a partner you are more than happy to be tied down as long as your bonds aren’t too tight. You need independence and freedom, and a partner who is secure enough to allow you to spend time on your own and perhaps to have friends and experiences outside the relationship. Clingy or dependent partners will soon drive you to leave; instead you need a partner whose zeal for life matches your own. Your partner must be willing to join you in your ambitious schemes and to explore uncharted territories with you. However, any hint of fickleness, infidelity or unkindness will turn you right off. It’s important that your partner have a life of their own but someone who uses their independence to hurt you is not for you.


I say…

i guess it all comes down to who you find beside you at the start and end of each race. the one who’s there, who’s always been there… not cause he doesn’t trust you on your own, nothing like that. he’s with you because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be; because there’s no other place that’d feel so right… because even if he believes you can stand on your own, survive, learn by yourself, he just doesn’t want you to have to deal with life alone. he doesn’t want to leave you alone, period. for all reasons invented by man. for reasons only God knows. yeah… i guess after everything else, at the end of each day, this is all that matters. this is all that should matter.


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