heads and tales (december 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

losing our heads with whirlwind tales
it’s a crazy coin-flip we’re livin’ in
heads, you win; tales, they do
it’s a win-win situation
whatever they say
logic is not the rationale here
no guts, no glory!
yes that’s the key.
be brave, be strong
don’t be like the lion in search of oz
you’d be searching blind
what’s the sense in that?
time is real but it’s relative
forever is but a word,
not a condition
our concept of it is but a speck
in eternity
no promises, no expectations
life is both sides of a coin
flip it, toss it towards the abyssmal wisher’s well…
heads and tales
we’re the winners in this game
don’t hold your breath, take it all in…
fate leaves its imprints with every spin, everywhere –
reach out, listen, read.

[note: we lose our heads, we’d chase our tails.]


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