running with time (december 2008)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

2008 has passed by in such warp speed, i’ve yet to exhale. it’s weird how time flies when you’re in your 20’s. how it feels like there’s never enough of it. days get shorter, nights a bit longer til it’s another wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am! haha but really.. where has the year gone? has it really been a year already? with all the changes that happened, the jugglings, the mumbo-jumbos -i know i should feel differently. i should be saying with utmost conviction that 2008 is by far, the longest year of my life as i’ve lived it. i wish i can say that. i mean, i know i can. it’s easy to spit out words like that. (talk is cheap). but saying and meaning it at the same time -that’s a whole different ball game altogether.

i visited this place i used to work at (from the latter part of ’07 til first trimester of this year). it was weird how familiar everything still is. like it was just the weekend that passed instead of months. the red circles i drew on the calendar were still there, and it felt like i’ve just made the marks the day before. sure there were obvious changes but in my eyes, everything’s still accurately the same. much like how parents see their grown-up kids, or how old couples still see each other in that whole different era -young, beautiful, full of hope and promise. i know my sentimentality over a former office doesn’t compare, but this weird haze i’m in where everything seems like it’s just yesterday makes me believe that it’s something close to the aforementioned.

the changes were brutal this year. swift and abrupt, you can’t even feel it sinking in. life is so unpredictable, so uncertain, so short. but the scars remain. perhaps that’s what makes us nostalgic. because when we do take the time to notice and acknowledge the existence of our scars, that’s when we start to wonder how it got there in the first place. that’s when we start to feel the need to think back. and once we allow ourselves to plunge in the haze and take on that journey, time will be put to a stand-still and our minds with it. so despite the real and tangible changes, we still see and feel differently. like it really was just yesterday.

and then you get to smile.

despite the scars.

smile at the truth that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed back then. smile upon embracing that truth. and smile simply because you can, again.

this year has been a total blur but it has also been the most wonderful dream, i can’t help but smile upon awakening.

i am ready for yet another.

here’s to more daily rallies against the constraints of time, to more QUALITY time, to time space warps, to FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS -cheers!

(PS: i’m no saint and i too am guilty of this but for those of us who plan on or are still actually wasting any more of our precious time on whatever or whoever, i wish we can just STOP. spare some for those who are running out of it.)


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