don’t cry little one (march 2007)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

one night, i got locked out of our flat. while waiting on the stairwell, i managed to “eavesdrop” on our neighbors…

knock, knock.
woman: sino yan?
man: your wonderful and amazing husband!
woman opens door.
(laughter, welcome home kisses)
man closes door.

knock, knock.
kid (girl) opens door
kid: hi papa!
father: hi! i missed you!
kid smiles. father hugs kid. closes door

the greetings were so simple, cheezy even, yet they moved me. it’s really great to have someone to come home to. to have to knock and have someone open the door for you. to have someone waiting for you on the other side.

keys on keyhole. metal to metal. turn. open.
switch lights on. close door. lock.
this is my welcome home.

i kinda miss having to knock. *sigh*


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