dear God (february 2007)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

i’m so emotionally drained. i wanna leave the city and exile myself to a faraway province. be an islander. or maybe swap consciousness with one of those mentally deranged “taong grasa.” that woman with the bb gun, sashaying the streets as if walking on cloud nine. why can’t i be on that kind of high?

i’m really getting tired of the battles within and with-out. how many times do you have to remind me that i can never win? carrying multiple worlds on my back has given me these annoying cramps that no amount of stretching can cure. invisible crosses are so much heavier to bear.

i let my job take over me in hopes of getting somewhere better and brighter in others’ perceptions of me, only to find out that countless overtimes and sacrificed weekends has gotten me nowhere.

you win. they win. i get it.

im flashing red lights at you, at them. and you do know that here, red means STOP, right?

oh God, i really wish i’m as good as you in being invisible.




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