ceasefire (january 2009)


there’s a side to human nature that’s very much like a disease. everything we have now -cellphones, the internet, access to almost anything and anyone with just a click- were all toiled over by the geniuses before us to make building connections and bridging gaps so much more easier than it was decades ago. the means we have now probably originated from an idea of a person who then, would’ve given anything to reconnect with his or her long lost love and when s/he finally did, it was already too late. s/he probably cursed the impossibility of it all back then, and with a heavy heart, vowed to make it better for the generations to come. yeah, it probably happened that way. i believe every single thing regardless of the end result has been somehow, someway founded on good intention. (trouble arises on mis-execution).

so it’s really no surprise but nonetheless ironic that given what we have now, it’s so much harder to build and maintain solid and lasting relationships than it was back then when all they had were pen and paper, envelope and stamps a.k.a the now almost mythical snail mail.

the disease of human nature now comes into play.

the more we have of the supposed “cures”, the more resistant the disease gets. because it’s so easy to keep in touch, we of the high-tech age tend to regard it as unimportant. we tend to fulfill the need to connect just as we would our most basic physiologic needs. i, for one, believe it shouldn’t be that way. making lasting connections require real effort and not just virtual. it shouldn’t be as instant as noodles nor should it be as easy as sending the occasional email or reading up on each others’ lives thru status updates on facebook or myspace or whatever. but hey, whatever floats your boat and if the shoe fits -GREAT. good for you. networking through cyberspace is just too impersonal for my dated taste, i guess.

it’s not that i’m not thankful. i am. it’s just sad how we get too little out of having too much. the magic and the romanticism of it all gets lost in translation that even the sweetest or most touching of messages fail to reach the core, right where it should hit. all these ammo and we just keep missing the target.

most of us probably don’t know what it’s like to receive a love letter old school style. i know i don’t. and i’m pretty sure i haven’t sent one myself -yet. keeping them all in the inbox for years sure is a smarter move -free of natural wear and tear, but the essence gets sacrificed. and what’s the point in that?

BOTTOMLINE IS: the easier something gets, the more resistant we become. we become immuned to it. and the disease? well, it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.


it’s not like i’m gonna die if i don’t get anything via the old school express. wala lang. figured it’d be kinda nice to sedate the disease. back track for a while. that’s all 😉


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