adik (october 2006)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

we all confine ourselves in some sort of rehab. voluntary or involuntary exile. from those things we know we can never get enough of. which is pretty much everything. everything is a drug. a potential source of addiction. life is a series of addictions. overlapping, intertwining, collaborating addictions. and it keeps us going. craving for more. our systems never satisfied. always in want of increased dosages. money, wealth, power. time. love. we can never get enough. and we always seek for some sort of shelter to protect us from our wants. more than our needs. to protect us from each thing we can never get enough of. to protect us from that very thin layer of protection we so desperately grab on to. we are aware. yet we lack awareness. for it’s in feigned ignorance that we find solace. a bit of that glorious calm. that calm which connects us to our souls, our souls to a Higher Power, a Higher Power to our satisfaction. but even that calm is addictive. the quest for a Higher Power, the lifetime of soul searching, the need to connect — all addictions. there’s no cure for it. each guise of cure is just one addiction over the other. it goes on with our lack of awareness. with our own desire to stay ignorant and intact. we’re all in this high together. all confining ourselves in some sort of rehab. addicts in and out. broken down into a zillion little pieces. addicts, all. over. under. the world. beyond.


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