424 (april 2009)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

it’s strange
the way the mind romanticizes truth
shrouds it in shards of brilliant hues
beautiful, beautiful lies…

there’s no blame in choosing to believe in that kind of beauty. because it still is,
even if it’s false.

i think of you and i can see everything as it were
every single

and i have to blink twice
thrice, even
so i would see the oncoming light about to crash into me
(another high way casualty
i will never be)
whilst in my mind, before i blinked twice, i was walking towards a door ajar
with you on the other side
clad in nothin but your rasta board shorts
strummin that guitar
(the sounds echo thru my psyche,
and it’s all i hear,
all i ever wanna hear)
just as you’ve been
just as you probably are now
just as you’d always be.

flashing flashing flashing -it’s blinding
it could may as well be the death of me
but i won’t let it.
no way.

and yes.
i can say “no” to you now.

i read your message this morning
the witching hour to be exact
we still have that telepathy it seems
but other than that..

month after month of romanticizing
of beautiful, beautiful lies
at last,
i feel nothing –
i hear nothing –
i see nothing –

but the divine.


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