abstract (october 2006)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

click click. in my mind i’ve pulled the trigger ten times over. boom.

kill-die-resurrect-kill. cycle of tragedy that is human drama. when can we just live?

only the abstract can be the extreme. black or white. i am concrete wanting to be more of the abstract. i can neither be a saint nor can i be hard core conscience-free. the last one expected me to be miss goody two-shoes. claws, fangs, horns – the works. took the next train out, the poor jaded coward. this one expects me to be “game.” sorry if i gave the wrong impression but iv never been the type. i dont live the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. i live the music, admire the geniuses behind the talent, the riffs.. they can take me straight to rock ‘n roll heaven and back. and i’d still be clean. i prefer to enjoy it that way.

the groupie roadshow lifetsyle is taking its toll on me. i wish i could be more of a fool. if it’d make you any happier. no thanks. i prefer to do without.

in the end, i’m always just me. struggling to be anywhere near enough.


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